Caroline Sturken Points Out a Few Important Qualities of Good Massage Therapists

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With people leading an increasingly fast-paced and hectic lifestyle today, the services of massage therapists have become extremely popular. Caroline Sturken mentions that these professionals primarily help their clients to de-stress themselves, and enjoy the relaxation they desire.  Owing to the growth in the demand for massage therapists across the world, making a career in this profession can prove to be a smart choice for several individuals. Caroline herself is a San Diego based massage therapists. She has recently started her own micro-blogging website where she discusses the ins and outs of choosing massage therapy as a career, including its purpose, benefits, and challenges.

Massage therapy is a multi-faceted career, in which people get to work in diverse types of environments.  Caroline Sturken mentions that while some massage therapists may work in hospitals and spas, others can just do home-visits; on the other hand, while some may solely work with new moms or people with mental health issues, others can specially cater to athletes. There are many general massage therapists who work with all types of clients as well.  No matter the environment they work in or the people they cater to, all massage therapists need to have certain skills and qualities that can help them to optimally succeed and progress in their career.

Here are some important habits and traits that all good massage therapists must have, according to Caroline Sturken:

  • Clear communication: Before anything else, a massage therapist needs to see to it that they communicate with their clients in a clear and effective manner. Listening to the requirements of each clients and catering to their particular concerns is a major aspect of this profession.  Every client shall have their own pains, aches and problem areas. Hence, a massage therapist needs to carefully understand where exactly do their clients need help. Listening and expressive communication are two essential components of massage therapy.
  • Proper technique: There are many techniques and styles involved in massage therapy. Most well-established therapists would be well acquainted with Swedish, sports, trigger-point massage, and many more techniques.  While some of the common techniques would be learned by a person during their training period, a good massage therapist should always be inclined towards learning more to be able to cater to the clients in the most competent manner. They should also know which technique would be ideal for the specific problems a client may have.
  • Positive attitude: An affable demeanor and upbeat mentality play an important role in creating a supportive, thriving atmosphere, which is vital for a massage therapy.  No client would want to get their massage done from a person who looks disinterested and has a negative attitude.  In fact, massage therapists who have a positive outlook usually get to enjoy more repeat business and happier clients.

Any person interested in pursuing massage therapy as their career should always keep these three pointers in mind.