Erase Stubborn Wrinkles with A Ultherapy Specialist Chicago Clinic

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Winkles can be stubborn for you to remove. It is here that you need special treatment procedures like Ultherapy to get rid of them safely. This procedure is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that tightens, lifts. It smooths your skin on the neck, chest, face, and other areas of your body to lessen the noticeable signs of advanced aging like sagging skin wrinkles and creases. It uses ultrasound energy and the body’s natural ability to produce a structural protein called collagen to rejuvenate the aging skintissue.

Consult a credible ultherapy specialist Chicago clinic

With the help of a credible ultherapy specialist Chicago, you can get rid of stubborn wrinkles on your face safely. When it comes to how the procedure works, you should understand the functions of collagen first.

The human body produces collagen to repair and keep the skin tissue elastic and firm. This is why you will see young people with firm, smooth and beautiful skin. As people age, this production of collagen reduces and leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.

With the aid of the Ultherapy machine, the procedure delivers sound waves focused on the area that is to be treated. This ultrasound energy reaches multiple layers of tissue below the skin, where it boosts collagen production. In this way, the procedure generates new tissue responsible for giving you fresh and younger looking skin. It is the penetrative ability of this ultrasound energy that gives you a rejuvenating facial appearance. You do not need toxins, creams, chemicals, or fillers at all.

Safe and effective for wrinkles

The USA Food and Drug Administration or the FDA has approved Ultherapy as an effective and safe treatment for aging skin. One session generally lasts for thirty to ninety minutes. You do not need anesthesia for the procedure. However, if you want to have a comfortable and stress-free session with your specialist, you can ask him/her for any medication that will manage pain or discomfort.

The procedure takes little time to prepare and generally has no downtime. Patients can come home, resume their normal activities, and resume office after the procedure is over.

Results of the treatment

After your session, your specialist will tell you how to take care of yourself at home. You can expect optimal results to appear in about two to three months. The results last for approximately two or more years depending upon the person. Note that the Ultherapy treatment is for your neck and other areas of the body. It is for skin that is moderately loose or sagging. For arresting excessive sagging skin, you should resort to a full facelift.

When it comes to the costs incurred, they depend upon the number of sessions you need to take with your ultherapy specialist Chicagoand the severity of your condition. You should schedule an appointment with a good clinic before the treatment procedure. Your specialist will address all your concerns and questions if any so that you can book your session and get rid of stubborn wrinkles without hassles.