Top 4 Dubai Municipal Parks To Visit

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Dubai is well known for its wonders and architecture. It gives you an unparalleled luxurious lifestyle. Though those who are here are still searching for JBR, Burj Khalifa, Port De La Mer apartments for sale, it is still a heaven for visitors.

Dubai is pretty famous for its municipal parks too. These wonderfully landscaped parks have vast areas of well-kept lawns, flowers, and bushes gorgeously decorated. Down below is a list of some top municipal parks that everyone should visit once in their life.

  1. Zabeel Park

This park is strategically situated on a block of almost fifty hectares, near prominent landmarks, such as the World Trade Center Roundabout and Lamcy Plaza and near Sheik Zayed Lane.

It’s quite convenient to reach there, but parking, both official and in-official, will fill up very quickly at times, like Friday afternoon. In Dubai, you can use taxis cheaply, and the Dubai Metro is available as well to get there.

A Friday morning market was recently opened in Zabeel Park, which tends to be immensely popular. A ton of options are available including food stalls, homemade products, organic vegetables, plants for the garden, industrial products for high – end stores that may not be found in the malls, and leisure events for youth and adults, there is a strong supply of everything you can imagine.

AED 5 per person is a minor entry fee. Married couples and families with children will be able to access, however, massive groups of single individuals may notice that they are denied entry.

  1. Dubai Creek Park

Another attractive, lush, and perfectly landscaped park – following the Bur Dubai line, opposite Deira, as its name suggests. It’s a long and very narrow park, and on Friday, particularly after midday and in the evening, parking is really a luxury.

One tip: if you park over them and block their way outside, most people will be fairly forgiving, as long as you show your phone number on your windscreen and run to park it somewhere else when requested. It sounds very unconventional, but in Dubai, it works like that, and even the police knows the system.

It’s about a twenty-minute walk from Oud Metha Metro – no tougher in the colder months, but perhaps a little challenge when the temperatures get about 40°C – and it’s no fun if you have some food and beverages with you.

It’s a perfect spot for a picnic or even for a little convenient barbeque, but it’s a NO to a barbeque at the grass. Fortunately, this is assisted by specific concrete fields.

The adventurous have other attractions, but none is too hair-lifting. One of the larger, four-person, open-framed pedal vehicles is available for rent. There is also a small “train” on paths, not on tracks, which moves through the park. The aerial cable car, known in Dubai as “Tellyfreek,” is perhaps the most impressive.

Like Zabeel, there is an entrance charge for AED 5, and Wednesday is a day for women only.

  1. Al Mamzar Beach Park

This park is on the northern side of Dubai with adjacent Sharjah’s emirate. It’s not an easy way to go into this lovely park unless you have a car or a taxi.

This one is both for swimming and a picnic, as opposed to the first two parks. The beach is clean and pleasant every day. There is an AED 5 entry fee per person, but you can pay AED 30 fees and take your car to parking areas within the boundaries of the park. That depends, of course, on how completely the parking is available and, as always, the peak times are Fridays and most evenings.

An indoor pool can also be used in addition to swimming in the sea. You can even rent children’s playgrounds, bicycles, and even air-conditioned beach-cabins for the day.

  1. Al Safa Park

The other central Dubai Park between Zayed Road Sheik and Jumeirah Beach Road is situated here. It is conveniently reachable by car and Business Bay metro station is 800 meters from one of the four entrances in the park, which makes it quite convenient to reach for people who do not own a car.

Safa Park has all the normal characteristics of the previously mentioned parks, including one significant aspect that separates it, that is its three artificial lakes.

On the first Saturday of each month between October and May, Safa Park hosts Dubai’s only flea market. It draws many customers looking for a sale.

For people who want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, Dubai is a fine place. We advise you to go through District One Dubai villas for sale if you are here for a long stay, if not, then save as much money as you can and visit these parks.